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Int'l-MoversThis posting overseas may have come as a big surprise to you. Such things do not happen on a daily basis and you would not have expected your employer to instruct you to take up this assignment in an overseas branch of the company. This new assignment is very challenging and offers a huge financial benefit and you are tempted to take it. You have discussed this with your family members and they all opine that you must accept this challenge. You have, therefore, expressed your willingness to accept this offer to your management.

Relocation of any kind, however small or big brings a lot of trepidation and apprehensions with it, more so, if you happen to be ignorant about the various nuances of shifting. First and foremost, you may have to consider shifting your children to school hostel as they may not be able to accompany you and your wife in the middle of the term. Finalize the hostel arrangement and pack the children's items and keep them separately. Then, take an inventory of all the remaining items and give away such items which you would not need in the immediate future. Now, the list of items that need to be packed and moved is ready.

If possible have a small meeting with some of your close friends and acquaintances and inquire about various International Movers who will undertake the task of shifting your personal effects. There is one more option of going online and finding about Full Service Movers and collecting their quotes. You may shortlist those companies which have good reputation in the market and promise good service. The local Better Business Bureau also may prove useful in giving you vital information about such companies operating in your area or city.

Speak to the moving company in no uncertain terms that they have to undertake the task of packing, loading and unloading in a thorough professional manner so that no item is damaged or lost. Please ensure that they take care of the documentation work too as stipulated by the state law. These days, moving companies take up a lot more responsibility so that the customer is not put to any kind of hardship during relocation. You may then concentrate on other important issues like settling utility bills and finalizing a new tenant for your house. Remember to thank all your neighbors for their cooperation all these years and now it is time to start a new life in an entirely new country.

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